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Logic Pro X: Possible Siting [Not]

David T

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There are no pngs in the logics resources folder to modify the transport?


There are. Look in Logic Pro > Contents > Frameworks > MAResources.framework > Versions > A > Resources.


But they're actually tiff's, not png's. For example: TrBtn_play_on_p.tiff




Thank you for pointing to this essential clue. :D

Here are some mods using Preview to colorize some of the Framework tiffs. (I'm also using the second version of Amplidood's Logic mod).


It's not Logic X, but it certainly points to one of my really big wishlist items for Logic: Themes or Cubase-like appearance sliders.





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People say the logic video on Apogee site is not logic pro x or 10 or what ever. I have a question

1. Is it camera art that is causing the waveform to look how it looks in the picture, because Ive never got my arrange window wave forms to look as astonishing as that? I know I can color the waveforms with the color pallete but c'mon


2. The left side or inspector side, it seems to look more sountrack proish? may be its me hallucinating


3. Thats about it, but it seems im always on line, just to see about logic x and thats it and its very irritating, lol, ill get over it. I like what I have in logic 9, but I bet the guys making the current update are having fun, or they can be having major headaches. cheers.

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