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Help setting up template for Slim Phatty, QS49 and Maschine


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Hi all,


I have just recently finished building my new set up, which after a couple of years of moving and having children is a great pleasure, but now I am trying to hook everything up, and create a template, so that when I get the time, I can switch on and get going, so I need the main parts of my set up, my Slim Phatty, keyboard (Alesis QS49) and Maschine to all be connected up.


I have watched a couple of youtube videos on how to set up Maschine using the environment, but I am still confused.


I need the keyboard to control software instruments and also the Slim Phatty (all connected via USB) and Maschine for controlling the Maschine software. I also have a Novation Nocturn that I intend to use for riding plugins rather than drawing in automation.


Any advice would be helpful...






Logic Pro 9.1.6

Hackintosh (Intel)


1tb internal, 1 tb external

Echo Audiofire 12

TL Audio FatFunker channel strip


Technics/Traktor etc etc

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