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MicroKorg not recognized in logic?


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So I just got a MicroKorg and I've been having a lot of trouble setting it up with Logic. The only way I can hear the signals from the MicroKorg is if I plug in headphones directly into the MicroKorg, or if I plug a jack into the MicroKorg and connect the wire to a speaker. I want to know how to record the signals into Logic. I also have an audio interface which I hope is going to help me. (sorry, very new to this kind of equipment)


Instead of rambling off the equipment I have I'm going to take pictures of it and attach them to this post so if someone answers could you basically just tell me to plug this there and that here sort of thing? Or if I need to get something else to make things work?


The pictures will include some plugs, angles of an audio interface, macbook, and angles of microkorg.


Any help is appreciated,



some plugs


audio interface angle1


audio interface angle 2


MicroKorg angle 1


Mocrokorg angle 2


Mac angle

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