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Mac and Logic, which one?

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I've decided to do a cross from Pro Tools to Logic 9, mostly because Logic seems much easier to work with.

It's small things like how the Aux channels are handled, Logic makes it more lean and less clicks.


Love Pro Tools though, it has some great things too, just as Logic also has it's down sides, but atm the positives outweigh the negatives like a car with round wheels compared to one with square wheels, they both move forward and get there, Logic just makes the travel a bit more comfy :)


Anyway i only have 2 questions really..



Which mac (Laptops) could run Logic 9 Pro flawlessly with say 25 tracks, each track with EQ, Reverb, Delay.

Of course bussing is more economical, but it's just to give you an idea of what computer power i'd like to make sure i have.

Also if it should be Air or Pro.

It was difficult to find this answer as most of the Google searches comes up with replies from 2010.



I find it quite confusing with Logic and Logic Pro, are they two separate programs or did Apple merge them into one?



Hope someone could help me with these questions :)

Here's a link to the Apple store if it helps.



Best wishes


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1. In very general you should be fine with any MBP with i5 or i7 processor. Here's a list of benchmark tests using Logic (pro):



You can safely assume the newer (2012) models (not yet in the list) to be even faster.


2. Logic is short for Logic Pro. The other Logic is Logic Express, but that is always called express.

There used to be Logic Studio, but that was a package of several programs including Logic Pro. That's been discontinued.

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