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Clicks between joining loops


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Hi there,


I searched but couldn't find anything particularly relevant, so please forgive me if this is covered elsewhere.


So, I have a guitar part playing on the beat over four bars. When I duplicate this part and arrange them one after the other, there's a horrible and very noticeable 'click' as the playhead goes over the join.


But here's the weird part - when I loop the total 8 bars, the click occurs in the join in the middle, but not when the playhead loops from bar 8 back to bar 1. What gives?


Weirder still, there are two separate guitar tracks and they both have the click at the same point, but again - not when the selected region loops back round from bar 8 to bar 1.


I've done this a hundred times, and never had this grief before.


Any help would be gratefully received,


Kind regards,



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Can't give a definite solution, but I've had something similar with strange pops appearing on audio tracks that I'm certain did not happen during recording - ie they somehow happen afterwards, usually right on a barline/join between samples.

I just do either a tiny fade-out over a fraction of a second to nuke it, or redraw the waveform to get rid of the blob in it.


If it's not the same thing you have though I've got no idea sorry!

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