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Can anyone help me polish this "mash up"?


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Hey guys,

So a while back I was working in a gym (where good music was rarely played on the PA system), when suddenly this tune started to play. Seeing that my flip phone didn't have the capabilities of recording the song, I frantically ran around until I got my buddy to Shazam it from his iPhone. Luckily, I got the song before it ended and it turned out to be an amazing rendition by Kaskade of Walking on a Dream. I quickly went home and logged on to Beatport, and spent over 2$ of my hard earned money, only to find out that he only released the instrumental for purchase.....

In my head I knew I had to re-create this beast of a track. I quickly headed to Google and searched for the acapella of Walking on a Dream, only to yet again be defeated. I was unable to find a single version to purchase or download....I posted on forums and continued to tear apart the internet when finally, a good samaritan answered my pleas and sent me the highly-sought acapella.

Which brings me to now:

I have tried to copy the youtube vocal version of the Kaskade Remix and re-create it as best as I can but due to my lack of skills and knowledge....its not quite there....


I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to give the track a listen, take a listen to what I've done and give me feed back or help me polish this bad boy so that the world can enjoy it to its full potential.

(Also so that I can play this in my DJ sets and not be embarrassed :) )


THANK YOU to those who can help!


Here is the original song:



Here is the project file:



Couple notes by me:

1.) I feel like a few parts of my acapella are slightly out of time.....but just by milliseconds. I am having trouble lining it absolutely perfect...please let me know if you hear this as well...

2.) I can't seem to figure out what effects Kaskade is putting on the vocals at different points to make it sounds dreamy and "pop" out a little better yet not overpower the instrumental..


Again, any feedback/help would be greatly appreciated!

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