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My mp3s are muted when dragged into logic 9 [SOLVED]


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New to music production and logic 9.


anywho, here's the problem: I'm dragging mp3s and .wav into logic, and each time it shows up but there is no music. Checked to make sure the output is correct, unticked/reticked core audio, and nothing seems to help. How can i bring back the sound to the mp3s im dragging in? ALSO: there is a mysterious symbol in all audio I have tried using [check the photo I've attached]. Bet this is all a simple fix, thank you for your time.




-enjoi91 :D

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Hello and welcome to Logic Pro Help, enjoi91!


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Judging by the color of the region in your pic, it looks like you added the file to a software instrument track. Those are for software instruments. Drag your audio files to audio tracks. The symbol means it is a stereo file (a single circle would be a mono file).



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