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Logic Additional Content - is it all included in downloads?


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Or is it supposed to be?


For a year - ever since I've upgraded Express to Pro - I had had issues w/ certain EXS instruments not loading/samples not found and having to force quit Logic.


There was of course a user "error" involved - I did uninstall Express (and Garage Band) and deleted some folders. I was assuming that I'd just download it again as part of the additional content.


Mainly, I noticed that the issue I had was w/ Jam Pack no 3 - one I had bought separately before the upgrade. The samples for certain instruments, like Session Bass for example, just weren't there anymore, no matter if I re-downloaded and re-installed that particular pack just to make sure.


Anyway, we went back home for the holidays and I grabbed my original Jam Pack DVD to give it one more try. Re-isntalling from the DVD fixed the issue.


Is it possible that the additional downloadable content doesn't include everything that was available in the Jam Packs?

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