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Recording vocals with Behringer 1204usb mixer in Logic 9

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Please pardon some of the lack of knowledge I have.


So I recently just bought a Behringer Xenyx 1204USB mixer and I am trying to record vocals in Logic 9.


My problem:


I am recording over a pre-recorded instrumental track that I already mixed. So when I record my vocals while the track is playing, the track simply overpowers it too much. Meaning while I'm trying to hear my voice during the recording, I can only hear the instrumental playing SUPER LOUD. Then I try to lower the volume of the instrumental track, but even then my vocals are still faint after lowering the track by 20 db. All I want is to be able to hear myself clearly during a recording while another track is playing so that I know how I sound.


And even for playback while I'm still wearing the headphones, I can't hear my vocals recorded from the mixer at all unless I unplug the usb from my iMac.


Here's a picture of my mixer:



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Hi JustRise,


First, any particular reason you're using an analog mixer? In your situation it would be much easier to go straight into an audio interface. Do you own an audio interface, other than this mixer?


In Logic, while singing, what kind of level do you see on the vocal track meter? What level does it peak at?

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