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Copying multiple automating multiple lanes


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I'm automating the release pitch of some synthesiser notes and I have to do it for all four oscillators separately.


How can I select all four automation lanes of the same track and copy all of them to a new location, instead of having to do it for each lane separately.


I've tried making a marque selection and option dragging and I've tried making shift selection and option dragging, but it all works for one automation lane only.


Any help would be appreciated.

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You can't copy multiple automation lanes in one operation.


You can however turn the automation into region based automation (in the Track > Track Automation menu) - then the automation is contained in the region which you can move or copy wherever you want. Note that the region may or may not contain the musical performance, depending on whether you want the automation on the same performance or not.

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Hey! Has this ever changed ? I have a violin track with six different automation lines. Below it is a viola track with a different melody. But I want to copy all six automation lanes from the violin part onto the viola part. They will play the part the same, but they are assigned different pitches. So just moving the region won't do it cause the pitches are different.


Any way I can move multiple automation lanes at once to another track? That would save a TON of copy pasting time


Thanks !

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