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Entering actual key commands then getting a list of them


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Usually when you enter a letter/key-command into the search bar in the key commands list, Logic will bring up list of the relevant key commands based on what you entered, be it a just one letter or a specific word.


It crossed my mind if this was reversible as well - (it isn't, but it could be beneficial) , e.g. you enter a key command (knowing or not knowing what it is) and then you get that specific key command. For instance if I enter Shift + . it will bring up the Fast Forward key command, or if I enter a combination of modifiers and keys (not knowing what the result would be) you may come across a key command. Sorry this just literally crossed my mind a couple of days ago.



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Leave the search field empty and make sure the key focus (blue halo) is around the list of assignments (click in the list). Then press your key command: the corresponding function will come in view and be selected. Press the same key command again and if it is assigned to multiple functions, the next one will come in view and be selected.


Key focus on search field (for searching by command name):






Key focus on assignment list (for searching by key combinations):



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