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Apogee Ensemble and Mountain Lion animosity!

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Hi folks,


6 months ago I bought a new Mac Pro and an Ensemble. The Mac Pro could only load Lion or Mountain Lion, so I'm running 10.8.2 and using Logic Pro 9.1.8. From the start the Ensemble's software seemed to have problems with ML. Maestro 2 often doesn't recognize that an Ensemble is connected. As well, sound will sporadically drop out for good, the only way to get it back is restart the Ensemble. And very occasionally the Ensemble itself will become unresponsive. Pressing the power button doesn't work. It has to be held down to restart the unit. Anyway, I just went through 6 months of tech support with Apogee only to receive a replacement unit (brand new) that from day two has exhibited all the same symptoms on TWO MACS! Can anyone confirm that there is a sporadic incompatibility with Mountain Lion? I'm pretty frustrated!


Many thanks,


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