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Select Inside Locators(KC) not copying notes Score editor


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I was trying out the Select Inside Locators key command, selecting the contents of two bars and then copying and pasting them a few bars down. Using the Piano Roll, this worked fine though with the Score it dosen't seem to work if you copy time signatures too.


To begin with, if you use this key command in the Score editor, it will select the notes between the locators. You can then copy and paste them fine. But, if you select the notes (Select Inside Locators key command) and then Shift select the time signature as well - copy and then paste, only the time signature is pasted? When I would have thought that the time sig and the notes would be copied and pasted not either or?


What I did was have a bar of 4/4 then 2/2 and the try and copy the 4/4 bar after the 2/2 bar, what was happening was the time signature was only copied.



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