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Waveform zoom when cutting with scissors.


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I am currently in the middle of having to chop up loads of drum samples in 4 bar loops which should be easy no problem but I am just now encountering for the first time a really frustrating action.


Whenever I go to cut (command + click) when the session isnt playing the wave form will zoom in way too much so I can see the transient. Its not zooming the track but the actual waveform. And I can figure out how to turn it off. Its driving me crazy!


Someone know how to turn off this blasted feature??????

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sorry for getting back to this so late but I am only just now encountering the problem once again.


here is a link the the video of what is going on.


When I press CTRL to enable the scissor tool and click to actually cut, you can see the waveform zoom in.


So freakin annoying.




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