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I know I should probalby be posting this on the Ap[SOLVED]


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I don't really like it there as much, so i wanted to run this first.


In Finder (i happen to be using path finder, but finder behaves the same way), if Folder A contains Folder B, and I modify B yesterday, shouldn't the Date Modified of A change because its contents changed?


Basically, i make changes to B. It is correct (Date modified yesterday). When I go to A (parent folder), the Date Modified is Jan 7th. Aren't changes to the contents any modifications? I'm not sure what to do with this. It's something i've largely ignored, but my current situation with an external HD is forcing me to root through folders to find up to date stuff.



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Well, theoretically no... because the contents of Folder A haven't actually changed.. only the date of folder B inside of A has changed... and the contents of folder B has changed... But Folder A's actual contents have not chnaged


Now add a new folder to Folder A and it should change the date of Folder A because now it's contents have actually changed..


It's to do with Tiers.... and how OS X sees them.... This is probably also linked to why you have to physically elect to have all changes made to permissions.. to filter down to all files and folders in any given highest tier folder when you try and change that upper most Tiers permissions...


Do I like how this works? No.. Am I used to it however? Yes....

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