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Sample stretch and Dekstop switch issue


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Hello, i'm new to this forum and I think it's gonna become one of my daily sites !


I've got two questions;


I re installed logic (new to Lion, my old macbook crashed and got a new one a couple weeks ago, it was Leopard) and whenever I stretch a sample ( to make it fit with the correct bpm the first time, this sample completely changes to another part of that sample or to a different sample, I have to Undo and re stretch and only there it works, only the second time. Isn't a huge issue but would be cool if it didn't to that anymore. Anyone experienced this?


Another issue which is only in Lion I guess (multiple desktop) is when I select something on the left of the Arrange window and go to the extreme right while dragging it, after a few seconds it simply changes desktop and cancels the actions. Pretty annoying since I have to dezoom a lot than drag it than zoom again.


Looking forward for you help !



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