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Logic creates a Copy of the loop I stretch? [SOLVED]


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I´m new to Logic and i´v noticed one annoying thing that i don´t know how to fix. Let´s say i start a project, and i don´t name it when i open logic ( when i open logic it ask me to name the project ). But let´s say i don´t do that.. When i drag loop from my Vengeance Library to audio channel, and if i strech that loop, Logic creates a new loop in same folder as original ( example, VEE Electro Loop 007.waw.1 ). Is it any way to prevent that ? So annoying to save bunch of projects you never know you´ll be finishing. Thanks in advance for any help or response here...
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Saving (and naming) the project has no bearing on that behavior: what's happening is that you're making a destructive operation (timestretching with the Time and Pitch machine) in the Arrange area. But the Arrange area is typically for non-destructive editing of audio regions, not destructive editing of audio files. So Logic automatically creates a new audio file and processes the new audio files rather than destructively process the original audio file.


To avoid that, I'd suggest you use Flex editing, which is non-destructive:


1) Select the track where the audio region is.

2) Turn on flex view in the toolbar or choose View > Flex view.

3) On the track header, select the desired flex mode.

4) Option-resize the region (or simply drag the upper right corner where desired).

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