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Plugin parameters and Note on to CC puzzle

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Is it possible to create a set of CC instructions that can be triggered by say a note on from a certain channel so... For this I want to trigger a certain band's gain from the channel Eq from a note on in another region or even fro the same track. Giving you a side chain-able EQ.


The idea behind it is that logic doesn't allow side chain of an EQ or any other parameter that isn't already predefined like the compressor with its conventional side chain, if this could be implemented it would basically allow you to have similar control that you have in fl studio's "peak controller". The midi note that plays the kick from the sampler could trigger this.


Why don't I just automate it? well once this is set up editing drum patterns would need no further editing other than on the midi notes themselves.


I don't really know where to start, I imagine it could be done in the environment with a transformer but I don't know how it could be made to trigger in a certain timed sequence for e.g reduce low shelf gain by 5 db and then back up again over a duration of say 200 ms and to carry this out smoothly. I guess the timing could be defined by the note length which will make it adjustable in the arrange. Can this even be done?

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