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Score Editor and triplets mirrored to Piano Roll


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In the Score Editor you can create triplets/tuplets, you can see them graphical change in the Score Editor but this this doesn't translate to the Piano Roll, where the notes will stay at the same place.


Is there a way of creating triplets/septuplet in the Score and the Piano Roll will mirror it, e.g. septuplets, with out playing them in?



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The piano roll shows the absolute position of notes as they were recorded or step-entered.

The score editor quite literally "interprets" the position of those notes so that they look readable as a piece of music.


Example: let's say you played in an 8th note triplet passage and your timing was just a little off and you haven't quantized those notes, meaning, the quantize value for the region is set to "off" you haven't gone into an editor and quantized any individual notes. In this scenario, the piano roll will show exactly where you played those notes timing-wise against the grid. On the other hand, the score editor will show those notes as "perfect" triplets --- provided that the score editor's Quantize setting is set to one of the triplet values (such as 12 or 8/12 and similar)


Sometimes you have to change the grid in the piano roll (called the "Division") to see finer resolution, i.e., 16th note grid lines, or 24th note grid lines. You do this by changing the Division value in the transport (or using the relevant key commands).


For tuplets, yes, the thread that Beer Moth pointed you to will help you out. You can also check out this article I penned on the subject, found here.

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