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no sound with AU plug-ins when copying midi tracks [SOLVED]


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I am having difficulty getting sound from two AU plug-ins after copying a track from a downloaded midi file and then changing the instrument.


What DOES work:

Everything plays back perfectly in the following scenarios.

Copying tracks, then switching I/O to any Logic Pro or Garage Band instrument

Copying tracks, then switching I/O to AU Instruments/LinPlug/Free Alpha (This is a free plug in I downloaded. Nice one, too!)


What DOES NOT work:

In these scenarios I am able to change the instrument, and play that instrument from my keyboard, but upon playing the MIDI file, no audio comes out. All of the settings are identical to the ones used in the scenarios that do work.

Copying tracks, then switching I/O to AU Instruments/Garritan/Aria Player

Copying tracks, then switching I/O to AU Instruments/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5


How do I fix this? I hope this is something simple.


I have fully updated and reinstalled the plug-ins as well as ditching the audio cache and rescanning plug-ins in Logic Pro.


Thanks for the help!



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