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Novation X-station, Mac 10.7.5, MBP 2012 and Logic/Mainstage


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I have a problem with Logic/ 9.1.8 Mainstage 2.2.2 and my Novation X-station usb midi/audio. I am on Mac 10.7.5, MBP 13" 2012 (the new one with usb 3.0) and the newest usb-driver from Novation (2.5). It is said to be compatible with 10.7/10.8, but my issue is that I can not use usb audio AND midi at the same time....I can use EITHER of them with no issues, but if I try to activate X-station audio at the SAME TIME using it's midi - then the midi will loose connection. If I use the internal audio out on my MBP, I can use the X.station usb midi (- as long as I disconnect/reconnect the usb cable after trying to use X-station usb audio)


Hope I made myself clear, I have tried all sorts of tricks, the system is fresh installed - i also tried to roll back the Novation driver to ver 2.41 - but that just introduced drop-out issues...


Anyone else using Novation X-station out there with Logic/MainStage? Glad to hear from you - either it's working out or not....


I have written to Novation tech support, but no response so far.



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Following up my own post here:

After trying several old beta drivers, I stumbled upon a tip that made a difference: I connected my X-Station through a usb-2.0 hub. And - it worked! Both audio and midi at the same time. The hub probably forces the usb 3.0 port compatible with the 2.0 standard- but shouldn't it really be that anyway...?

I am concerned of using an extra piece of gear (the hub) in a live situation - and maybe it means more latency?

I'm still interested in experiences other MBP (2012, w/usb 3.0) owners use as Audio/Midi-interfaces together with MainStage/Logic!

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