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Missing Latency detection on Utility I/O


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New to the forum here. I did a search but did not see this specific problem addressed elsewhere, My apologies if this has been covered.


I am attempting to use the Utility > I/0 as a channel insert in order to send a signal to an external device. I have no problem getting a signal out, however the I/O window is not showing either the latency detection button (ping) nor the latency offset.


I swear I have used this before, but now these controls are simply gone? Is there a setting for this somewhere? I have poked around a bit but can't find where this is an option.


FWIW- I have the option of using either an Apogee Duet or an M- Audio Project Mix 10 for my interface. Frankly it doesn't seem to make a difference. I also have a Universal Audio UAD-2, but it is not currently hooked up to the system,


( ps _I am doing this to re-amp a direct gtr track, if that maters)


Any help greatly appreciated :D




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You need at least Logic 9.0.1 for those features to be available:


About the Logic Pro 9.0.1 update

It is now possible to measure and provide latency compensation for an external signal chain that is routed via the I/O plug-in.


Update to the latest version. Logic 9.0 is super buggy anyway.



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