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Deseleting Library Settings [SOLVED]


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New Logic user here. One quick question, I cannot figure out how to deselect something in the Library. I am running my guitar through Logic and I was trying out some of the amp sims and such in the but now I cannot bypass them and just get my clean guitar tone. I'm stuck just selecting another setting. Help!


Also, I just got a new audio interface, the Komplete Audio 6. When monitoring through the headphone output on the interface itself, I get quiet click/pop sounds every 4-10 seconds. This happens no matter what buffer settings i have it on. I tried monitoring through my macbook's output and they dissapear and it sounds great. Any Ideas?

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To bypass a plug-in

Do one of the following:


Click the Bypass button at the left side of the plug-in window header.



Option-click the appropriate Insert or Instrument slot on the channel strip.


The Insert slot of the bypassed plug-in turns from blue to gray, indicating that the plug-in is currently bypassed.


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