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Brought new hard drive now 'library content not found'

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OK i've been getting the attached message / behavior recently and i'm not too sure how to go about fixing it.


I brought a new hard drive, not to replace but to run alongside my current one. So i have my 2tb for NI Komplete and that and then the other one is just random media, music / film etc.


But since then i have been getting this problem occasionally, even when the new hard disk is turned off.


Same thing happens in ableton as well, so i don't know if this is a finder issue or a DAW or whats happened really, not too sure how to trouble shoot it :?


It happens with Reaktor as well, just won't make sound with any of the ENS.




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when i moved to a new HD last year (an SSD), everything migrated well...EXCEPT the NI stuff. massive in particular was a nightmare.

(in fact, i abandoned ALL NI plugs after that LOL).


there's a way to re-point the plugin to the library...but not sure what that is. contact NI, or check their support forum...

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RIIIIIIIGHT i think i've sorted it now...


I think it's because i renamed the (original) hard drive when i got the new one, i didn't realise (think) that it would mess up all the file path things but i guess that it did! This is probably obvious but i just didn't realise.


So i've named it back to it's original name and now i just need to re-do all the ones i've been locating manually :roll: doh.

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