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Error "Incompatible AU units" yet all pass test


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Hi all, I`m on 64-bit Logic 9.18 , Mountain Lion


When I start up logic I get the errormessage - "You have incopatible AU units" and can chose to open AU manager og ignore.


When I open Au manager I see that all plugins are validated... ?? I didn`t have this problem until a few days ago, and I made no changes or new installs then...


Any ideas what it could be?





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Incompatible AU Plugins can be removed automatically from the AU Manager so you won't see them them...


However, if you force a rescan and/or start Logic up in 32bit mode... then it will list the incompatible plugins the first time in a dialog box that pops up.... After that, if you don't remove them from the components folder in your root library...it just shows that message without the names.. It doesn't do any harm to leave them but of course you will keep getting that message.


Normally incompatible plugins are either ones that do not work with your current OS X version or... they are plugins that have stopped working...Typically 'cracked' ones that have been blacklisted/time bombed by the Dev.... A recent example of a time bombed plugin was the 2CAudio plugins... which suddenly all started to fail if you installed a cracked version a while back.... Starting Logic in 32bit mode will allow you to identify those plugins which you must then physically delete from the root/library/audio/plugins/components folder

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