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Slave/Record Synthesizer to Mac Pro via S/PDIF


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Hi there,


I have a Solaris digital synthesizer that I would like to record into Logic via it's optical SPDIF (TOSLINK) I/O connected to my 2009 Mac Pro optical SPDIF (TOSLINK) I/O.


The Solaris can only operate at 48kHz when sending out SPDIF. However if you set the recorder as the Master (set to 96 kHz) and send that signal to the Solaris, the Solaris will sync to it and operate at 96kHz rather than 48kHz. This is what I would like to do.


With the above in mind, I attempted hooking the Solaris SPDIF I/O's to the MP's SPDIF I/O's but did not have any luck. I've never used SPDIF in this manner before and am a bit lost as to how to go about properly setting up things so that Logic recognizes the signal. Is this even possible or is there a more obvious direction that I am unaware of?


Any thoughts?


Also, I thought about using a Hosa ODL-312 (SPDIF>AES/EBU converter) to convert the SPDIF signal to AES/EBU and then run the connections to my Lynx AES16e PCIe card (installed in my MP). However, Lynx just messaged me back and told me that although I could successfully convert and send the SPDIF signal from the solaris and into the Lynx, I could not convert and send the AES/EBU signal from the Lynx to the Solaris because of some kind of higher voltage discrepancy. The strange thing is that I'm aware of one person who has done this with great success. So, I'm a bit confused all around.


Ok. Sorry for the drawn out and convoluted post. I just wanted to keep it detailed in order to avoid confusion. Hopefully I didn't cause more.


Thanks a lot,


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Ah, I didn't even realize I had a reply! Thanks.


I went ahead and bought the Hosa ODL-312 SPDIF to AES/EBU converter to try and send the Solaris Signal to the Lynx AES16e while at the same time slaving the Solaris to the incoming clock signal from the Lynx. However, I am not having any luck.


On the channel status in the Lynx AES16e software it is displaying "SPDIF" (blue) under lock, "Invalid" (red) under validity and the rate (red) as "unknown."


I did try to set up and aggregate in AudioMIDI. My setup looks like this.


Apogee Duet

Lynx AES16e


I tried to set up the Apogee Duet as the Output device within logic and the input device as the Lynx AES16e card with the Solaris but as previously mentioned I am not having much luck. I don't have much experience with setting up aggregate devices so I am sure I am confusing the issue even further. I'm not really sure where to go with this until I am able to speak with Lynx about it (I am sure they will be thrilled to hear from me...haha).




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