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EXS24 Missing Samples Instruments keep on vanishing [SOLVED]


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Does anyone else experience this?


The latest being w/ a 3rd party library (Imperfect Samples' Fazioli). Last night, one of the instruments wouldn't load. Re-indexing didn't help. Well it did re-organize the EXS menu though - there's now an empty sub-menu called Logic 6 in it. :shock:


I've reached a point where, as much as I dig it, I dare not use EXS-24 anymore, except in an empty project. But quite often, those sessions come to an abrupt term as I try to browse through instruments and EXS-24 get stuck loading the samples and Logic doesn't respond anymore.


I don't think it's a matter of me being impatient. Last night, upon further testing, EXS got stuck on the Big Beat Remix kit. I went out for a 5 minutes break - when I walked back in, it was showing no sign of progress, stuck at the same place.


Any ideas?

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I admit I hadn't - I'm still relatively green when it comes to Mac.


I did Google the issue (and it seems that lots of us are having problems like this) but the most interesting solution involved using a Redmatica product, which has vanished since Apple acquired it.


I will give that one a try.



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