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Problems with varispeed in combination with Low latency mode


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got asked by a friend what the problem could be:

If he uses varispeed with low latency mode the whole session is getting out of hand! Apparently varispeed only works with low latenca mode.

Pitch and time aren't right at all. Here the specs of his stuff:


Logic 9.1.8 32 bit

Mac OS X Version 10.7.5

Modellname: MacBook Pro

Modell-Identifizierung: MacBookPro6,2

Prozessortyp: Intel Core i5

Prozessorgeschwindigkeit: 2.4 GHz

Anzahl der Prozessoren: 1

Gesamtanzahl der Kerne: 2

L2-Cache (pro Kern): 256 KB

L3-Cache: 3 MB

Speicher: 4 GB

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Someone else might have an idea to make this work, but as far as I know, I think that in Logic, Varispeed is always a high-latency thing. This is because the time- and pitch-shifting needs to "listen ahead" to fairly large amounts of audio to do its job without too many artifacts.


Because of this, Low Latency mode is turning off some of the processing that Varispeed needs. I think that your friend will simply have to use one, or the other, but not both at the same time.

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