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For every Note On step a note above: how to?


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I'm sorry, maybe is a stupid question, but it's a long time I never dig into the Environment, so I can't figure out how to accomplish this really silly behavior...

I have a Virtual ( Exs24) filled with a bunch of audio slice (an actress saying something).

I need to scroll from a slice to the next one banging a single note, the same every time ( say C4)

I need that every time I bang the note Logic plays a sample AND prepares itself to play the next one.


I've figured out that I need some sort of Transformer into the Environment that:


A) receives the input;

B) sends it out;

C) receives, adds +1, sends it out;

E)Receives, adds +2, sends it out;


and so on...


I've tried to do something with the Switcher, but without any luck.


I know there is a way to accomplish this behavior in a more elegant way that the one described and I apologize again, in the meantime: any help?



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Seems like it should be simple enough, but it's actually a bit complicated.


Although I'm not really doing free environment programming any more, I was fascinated by your request, so with insomnia ruling my morning I decided to take a crack at it. Works like a charm.


Bypass: self-explanatory

Reset: clicking this button starts the count over from zero

Number of Steps: adjustable from zero to 127

Note # to Reset: resets the count by hitting a dedicated key, selectable by dialing in the MIDI note number of said key.



• limited to one voice (i.e., you can't play chords while it's active)

• processes only notes, passes all controller/pitch bend/other data

• note off messages are handled correctly

• interesting effects and scales are created when uses when playing musical sounds




Note Stepper PSchwartz1_0.logic.zip

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No problem T, but please test it out first. Don't want there to be any surprises. It worked for me using the EVP88 plugin that I used as a test instrument, but do check it with your samples.


Also, one note... literally just one -- :lol: -- make sure you play just one note over and over. For example, if your samples are mapped starting on C1, just repeat C1 over and over (per what you said you wanted to do in your original post).

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