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Apple's "Smart Shoes" for "Stupid People"

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Obviously relating to the Apple/Nike+ link, already embedded in some Nike shoes. I bought my Apple stock at 80 bucks a share. You should have, too.


You forgot to write dumb ass after "You should have, too".


Why the hell didn't you tip me off Jim?


I could be writing this reply sitting on a beach in some much less hostile environment than I am currently forced to endure due to my lack of economic prowess.

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I remember hesitating to buy Apple stock back when it was $70 or so after the big crash. Oh well. :lol:


My Dad was a securities trader on Wallstreet and I remeber the countless times hearing my Dad tell the story about how he heard of this new technologies company called 'Microsoft" and he snubbed his nose up at it (he didn't invest in it.)


My Dad did believe in Apple and he held onto his Apple stock until the mid 90s i think that he 'gave up' and sold the stock for $17 a share ...


starting around 2001 i started bugging my dad ... dad, buy apple stock ...


each year he would watch it go up, and i would say buy it dad .. it's not too late ...


I did this every year until 2008 (hmm ... i wonder why)


yeah ... i occassionally remind him 'dad, you didn't listen to me' yeah ...





wow, this is my first post in a while ... i've been more hardware focused as of lately ... I try to just use Logic as a tape machine.

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