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Mysterious error message?

David Nahmani

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Seriously speaking... I've seen this myself on 10.6.8, consistently, when using Spaces to switch virtual desktops while Logic has been bouncing a project.

Ah ok.. for me this was in 10.7.4 after restarting after a crash, and having Logic automatically reopen with that error message. The only solution was to force quit.

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It's trying to tell you there was an error opening the error window...


Maybe it's time to re-post my favourite handy guide to real, actual Logic error messages:-


Not official documentation, but here are some of my handy favourites, ready to be printed out and hung on your wall:-


*Circular Structure! | Please report to Apple how you did this... | Try emptying the trash.*

Yeah, I spun my computer around my head on a bit of string. And what's my waste bin got to do with it? I tried swinging the waste bin around my head on a bit of string as well, and you're right, I shoulda emptied it first...


*Damaged project! | Repair Method: Encapsulate|Repair*

Let's hope "Repair" works. Because I know you don't have a clue what "Encapsulate" does...


*Difficult Structure of Audiodata. Maybe selection is too long?*

And no one likes Difficult Audio. Hey, good company name though...


*Error | Illegal block size*

It comes three feet further out onto the sidewalk than it should.


*Illegal cable deleted.*

You need to pay for a subscription, just like everyone else.


*Illegal column structure*

Like the Romans, we need to enforce some sense of aesthetics in our architecture...


*Deep Architecture! | Please Unpack some Folders!*

...as long as it doesn't go too deep. And your office is a mess.


*Illegal Instrument found! | Delete it?*

Yes, we know you were doing some banjo recording. Own up.


*Internal Job-Conflict*

Two other people are waiting for you to mess up and get fired...


*Invalid group name!*

Some other band is already called this. And they were much more successful than you will ever be.


*It is not useful to send MIDI Clock twice to the same port. | The setting will be corrected.*

Muppet Warning number 3: We have to protect our software from the morons.


*Minor correction of project data has taken place.*

We changed a couple of chords, and the middle8 is much better now.


*No editor on top*

Those media types like to be in control.


*No Window found*

Yeah, but it's a basement studio...


*Part of the project was not played | This project has too many real instrument tracks to be played in real-time. | To optimize performance, see the 'Optimizing GarageBand performance' page in GarageBand Help.Continue*

That's what we say in Garageband. In Logic we just get "CPU Overload".


*Path too long!*

Seriously. It took ten minutes to get from the kitchen down to the studio at the end of the garden. My coffee was cold by the time I got here!


*Please select just ONE SysEx Event*

I said ONE!!!


*Really copy Movie file? | It might use a considerable amount of disk space!*

How nice of you to be so concerned!


*Requested DSP function is unknown.*

You know, the one where we make it actually sound good..?


*Running out of Regions*

Make sure you're running Eco-Logic before all regions are extinct...


*Some of the selected Nodes failed to connect.*

We think they might have intimacy issues.


*Sorry... | This function is not yet implemented.*

...despite being requested on every Logic mailing list and forums since, oh, Logic 2.x back in the nineties, but yes, we know you really want it, and we think it's a good idea, it's just our DSP guy is on holiday, and then when he gets back there's a mountain of paperwork, and a new temp to train, and then we've got the office Christmas party to plan... seriously, we're swamped around here!


*There was nothing to remove!*

Thanks for telling me you did nothing to nothing because nothing could be done. I'll do nothing about it.


*This drive can not be used for audio.*

- Warning for Floppy drives


*This project seems to be damaged. Please open a backup version of this project.*

You do make backups? I hope it wasn't an important song..?


*This project was created with a newer version.*

Your mates have upgraded, but we see you're being a cheapskate. We won't let you play with them until you've caught up.


*Warning! This project was created by a newer version. | This may cause problems. | Please update*

We asked you nicely already. We're now gonna get rough.


*To many regions or other error! Please send report to Apple how you did this, or send us this project.*

Seriously! We really want an open dialog with how our users are interacting with our application, especially bugs. Go on, send us your songs! (If we can open them, of course...)


*Too many positions in Groove*

Seriously. Three times a day is plenty. It'll wear out...


*Unknown File Error*

But as long as we let you know, that's the important part.


*Warning! Memory is short!*

Note to self: Remember to buy some taller memory. I think Crucialbucks do an Extra-Tall ram module...


*Warning! | Active MIDI Transmission Buffer overflow.*

Yes, Logic can warn you of the possibility of catching STD's...


*Warning! | Damaged project!*

We hope that song s.ucked.


*Warning: | Unknown event type in project!*

Perhaps it was your uncle's birthday? Barmitzvah? World of Warcraft online gamers annual meeting?


*Warning | Reentrant in multitask*

Yeah, we don't have a clue either. We just needed some cool words for this one.


*Window not found*

I told you, it's a basement studio!


*You should stop the sequencer to get a precise Position*

The iPhone's GPS system gets interfered with when Logic is running.


*You should update your UNITOR 8 to the newest version. AMT Level 2 requires AMT Version 2.*

...although we don't make or sell them anymore. Still, ebay can be fun!


*Zero Cables to insert?*

This is Muppet Warning number 34.


*Simulation succeeded*

Film at Eleven.


*Thank you for choosing the Velocity Engine button!*

I wasn't aware that I did..? Sounds cool though. Something to do with NASA..?


*Couldn't create Launch!*

Yeah, that's what happens when the rocket engines have huge cracks in them


*^P has allocated dangerously much memory. | Less than 10 MB are available in virtual memory. This can cause crashes. Please use less audio data.*

Thank you please. Dangerously much ram crashes cause. Ram less use, say Borat.


*An Object cannot be put into itself!*

Unless it's one of them new-fangled multi-dimensional object putter-inn-ey things.


*Can't top this illegal project*

We know we removed the dongle, but these warez-heads write such great tunes!


*Damaged project or not a ^P project! Search for fragments?|Damaged projects might create problems and crashes!*

Don't get your hopes up. It's still irretrievably broken. Now might be a good time to think about your backup strategy.


*Illegal Block Offset.*

Seriously. Three feet. Onto the sidewalk.


*Internal Error | Something strange has happened. | Try to avoid it. I will*

Call Mulder and Scully.


(Although it's tricky to actively avoid something when you don't know what it is, or how and why it happened. But, like, I'll try, I promise.)


*Minor problem in data | Repair | OK*

We thought we'd like to give you an early indication that all your projects are getting hopelessly corrupted.


*Not enough memory to create clipboard/Undo! | Should never happen.*

And yet, somehow, it has...


*Nothing to delete. | If you really want to delete a track, you have to create one first.*

Muppet Warning 16.


*Old style keyboard. | DELETE and recreate it | I will*

Wow? Yes please! Turn my Casio VL-Tone into a Korg Oasys!


*Sorry, too old project format!*

Seriously, try some new ideas instead of rehashing ten year old random noodlings that in all liklihood are pretty rubbish.


*Too deep Structure!*

Try using the simpler EXS24 instead.


*Wrong Version!*

It's just wrong.


*An FPU instruction was executed and the machine doesn't have one*

How the **** was it executed, then..?


*Another computer is currently accessing and modifying your data.*

You really should have used a better password on your wireless network, you know...

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Thanks beej!


I used to have a partial version of that list.. but now I have to full set to amuse myself with when clients call....


My favorite?


*Internal Error | Something strange has happened. | Try to avoid it. I will*


It's been a while since i saw that one (L7?) but it was always that particular one that haunted me at times, when using Logic back then....

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huh, i just got the "circularStructure!" message too... never seen it before. am honored it's chosen to show itself now (altho not sure what it means)....

In 10.4.8?? I would have thought this was no longer existing by now. Please do post screenshots in this thread if you get alerts like that. First cause it's fun, but better yet, because it may help the developers troubleshoot and/or fix some of the issues. Thanks!

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huh, i just got the "circularStructure!" message too... never seen it before. am honored it's chosen to show itself now (altho not sure what it means)....

In 10.4.8?? I would have thought this was no longer existing by now. Please do post screenshots in this thread if you get alerts like that. First cause it's fun, but better yet, because it may help the developers troubleshoot and/or fix some of the issues. Thanks!



weird, too... have never seen that before, in my decade with logic. i was working with a looped section, but still. next time will screenshot it (if there's a next time).

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