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Merge these audio files onto one another? [SOLVED]


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Hi guys, I had a friend record some audio files and send them to me. They're all takes of a certain portion of a song. When I import them, how cna I do so that I may select certain parts of each file to be played in the master? Here's an example of what I need to have: 1194385998_Screenshot2013-01-24at6_50_25PM.thumb.png.cfa5baf06a046fd8cdc63a5b33934e53.png


But this is what I have:1603143661_Screenshot2013-01-24at6_47_57PM.thumb.png.407f4ca4518ff4090eac53c82945fec0.png


How can I do this?



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Select regions

Region - Folder - Pack take folder


When I do that, I put all the files on top o each other and select them all. I then do "Pack take folder" but it gives me this: 1053138261_Screenshot2013-01-24at8_11_16PM.png.4239f90e6bcf4d38e4a6debaec99d8d5.png


I only get one file to use... Do I have to do them each one at a time?


EDIT: Never mind, I got it!

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