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Saving MIDI Transform [SOLVED]


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I record MIDI from the TD-20 Electronic Drumset. So as the drumset has a snare, 4 toms, HH, 2 crashes and a ride, and each has its own MIDI note and mostly also CC data. You can imagine that I'm recording a lot of different MIDI notes and CC data.


I thought the easiest way to get a clear view of the MIDI would be to separate the notes into different tracks for clarity. They all of course have the same channel strip/ instrument. The problem is that It takes a long time to remember which note was assigned to which drum and then to copy the notes to a new track.


So I've create a few MIDI transform functions, which select each drum and they are titled nicely. Therefore I can quickly select the MIDI notes I want and copy them across.


The problem is that that the MIDI transform user presets don't appear in all my projects. They seem to only appear in the project I made them in?

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