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Change Default output for new channels


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Hi there,


I've recently changed my mixing structure to have all channels route to a stereo bus I create before it goes to the 'stereo out' channel. This is so I can use sends on the whole mix. The 'Stereo out' in logic does not give you the option to use sends.


Is there a way to change the default output for new channels / instruments to something other that 'outputs 1-2'


Is there a way to change any of the default settings on the 'new channel' dialogue?


Many thank anyone who has the knowledge!

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Just select the desired settings in the dialogue, and they will stick: next time you open the dialog, the last settings you used will be the default one, so if you choose a bus for your output, then from now on the default will be that same bus for new tracks outputs.



No workee here, David.

If I create a new track with Output set to Bus 1 and immediately create another track, the Output reverts to Output 1-2.


LP 9.1.8 on OS 10.6.8.



Not working here either (OSX.7.5 & LP9.1.8 )


Of course, as an alternative, there is the "New Track with Duplicate Setting" function, which does keep the output routing.



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Ok sorry to hear that - it works as expected here in 9.0.2 in 10.5.8 (ancient, I know), as long as I don't quit Logic. I can close the project and open another one and it still works, in fact if I set the output of a new audio track to "Output 1" and then create a software instrument track, the default output is still "Output 1".


If it no longer works then CCT's suggestion is a great one - or you could create a template with the type of channel strips set up as desired then import them with the File browser.

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