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File corruption in Mainstage


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During a live performance with Mainstage my computer (Macbook Pro) unfortunately fell down on the ground, but luckily nothing happened other that my Mainstage-file is now behaving a bit strange.

There are two midi keyboards assigned to the setup and the faders, sliders and knobs of one of the keyboards are suddenly all assigned to the master volume fader. There are no problem with the faders, sliders and knobs if I create a new Mainstage-file, and I can assign them as I will. I´v checked all the USB ports of the computer and they all work fine.

It seems like the Mainstage-file have been corrupted because of the fall, but I dont know If thats possible.


Have any of you experienced something similar?


Best regards,

Christian (from Denmark)

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Hi Christian


If the app and the mbp is working in general, It's highly unlikely that the fall corrupted the file itself.


Rather Mainstage is sometimes sensitive to whether your audio/midi interface is disconnected during operation (also if it's connected after opening the concert) - some assignments may fall back to default settings.


Go to the Layout (cmd-1) page of your concert, check that each objects is accurately assigned by device and midi channel.


Good luck

rené (also from denmark)

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