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Can I go back & forth between MainStage and built-in sound?


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Hey all, I have a stupid MIDI-related question (or, I think it is midi related....)


I have a Nord Lead 3 that can do some amazing pads and leads. Since I need strings and/or brass sound sometimes, i've been looking into MainStage for those sound. I play at church where the sound will run thru the PA system.


Here's my question:


My set up will be


1) Nord Lead 3 going into the PA system. a 1/4" cable to DA box to PA.


Is it possible to run mainstage to my MacBook Pro w/out unplugging and plugging into MBP? (which I would run a Y-cable from the headphone jack from MBP to a 1/4" cable to DA then to PA) Or do I have to unplug and replug every time I want to switch between the mainstage and NL3?

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