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Can you please mix my song?project uploaded....

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Hey out there! I need help.....


I am Robert from Germany 24. Its 9:00 o clock in the morning and I stayed up all night working on a song. It all started a couple of days ago. I signed myself up for a DJ night at a local club for friday night, where non DJs , ordinary people can play 3 songs to the crowd. "Be a DJ for 20 minutes" kinda thing. I thought I could produce an own idea and fade it into another song. I have 36 hours left to finish my first song ever on logic so I can play it in that club.


Here is the link to my project feel free to experiment will be back after university......



its the second file Kopie.zip about 207 MB. Should be online in about 20minutes.


I realized my song is way to quiet compared to professional tracks and I dont know how to avoid clipping when multiple tracks get together. So I uploaded the project to dropbox and I would so much appreciate of you would have a go at my track! You would save my soul with your help... If I dont get any help I cant play this song and all the work was wasted. I know the project is a mess and there is a hell lot do arrangement wise sound wise but I have 36 hours from now to at least deliver SOMETHING playable.....


Can you help? I cant hold my eyes up any longer....

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Ordinary person just started using Logic last night.


Signed up for DJ contest two days ago.


Typical noob problems i.e. clipping, song too quiet...


Has 36 hours to mix presentable finished product.


Wants competent producer to "save soul" by mixing noobies song for free (I'm pretty sure soul saving falls under someone else's job description).


If no one helps, can't play song and all work is wasted not to mention satan will then possess another nooby soul.


This really is a predicament.




Drop out of the DJ contest which you are so obviously not ready for.


Continue to work on your song and many many others whilst consulting the Logic manuals, searching the internet for answers and asking the unavoidable and inevitable questions that you can't find answers to anywhere else, here on Logic Pro Help.


When you feel that you have accomplished something that is "playable", then and only then think about entering a contest that just might relieve you of your soul. :wink:

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You've set yourself an ambitious goal mightyrob. Kudos for that!


And yeah, you're asking for a lot.


Some people here might be interested but it would be way better if you posted a bounce of the work-in-progress on someplace like Soundcloud so that any takers would at least have an idea of what they're getting into before DLing and firing up your project.


Or, you could wait for the next DJ night where "ordinary people" can strut their stuff.

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Damn, uh... I was bored and thought in my spare time I'd give this a super rough master, but uh... First of all, why do you have a guitar panned near entirely right for the majority of the intro, with the space never filled in even later?


Also, for others interested in giving this a look... you'll need Melodyne, a computer that'll handle 75 tracks without constantly overloading, the ability to discern which of these 75 tracks is making audio while you're in the arrange window, etc.


Also, it's more of a remix from an a cappella than an original tune.


Sorry Rob, but... this is way too much for me to tackle o_o



I did it anyway, but umm... there's way too much wrong with your mix at the moment for it to work well, even if it were a professional doing it rather than me with my minimal knowledge and technology. I'd honestly take the advice of everyone above.


The a capella is far too loud compared to the rest of the track, your stereo phase is very messed up at times (use less unison/chorus'd synths!) and the balance of instruments isn't all too well.


Regardless, here's the link; my main goal was 'loudness' so that it might sit well with your other music; PM me with your email address if you want the full quality .wav –


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Huh, so that's what it sounds like. tristan, sounds like you've done some nice work there, although I don't know what "before" was like....


The one thing that really hits me is why is the opening guitar even in there? It seems really out of character compared to what comes later.

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