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Project start doesn't want to move


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i need the starting marker to be at 1 but it doesnt want to move... i thought its because automation..... i cut the section before the intro but now the project starts at -7... is there a way to move the start marker to 1?


before cutting section


after cutting

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It won't move because yo have regions there.


1) Drag a cycle from -7 to 1

2) Choose Edit > Cut/Insert TIme > Insert Silence Between Locators.


This should move your whole project to the right to clear up everything before 1 1 1 1. Now you should be able to move the project start marker.





i tried this but that thing still won't move... its really stubborn

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there is some funny stuff going in this project... i see some grafical glitches in the markers...(verse2)


well i am glad that at least everything is still working however it is, including me, after missing all night of sleep :)


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