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Macbook Pro Sound cuts off early on decay. [SOLVED]


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I am using Logic Pro 9 with my 15inch Macbook Pro along with a Avid Fast Track C400 USB audio interface. My problem is when I have my guitar plugged into the input and running through Logic, when I play a sustained note and just holding it out. When the sustain begins to decay in volume towards the tail end it cuts off a little abruptly. I would like to figure this out so that I can get a natural sounding sustain with a gradual decay of volume so that it cut's off naturally (as in a gradual decay of audible to inaudible).


I have tried inputting my guitar through another audio interface (Boss Micro BR-80) and as a direct input into the macbook's input jack. All 3 have the same results.


If I would have to compare this to something which I am familiar with, it would be some sort of noise gate where sound under a certain volume gets cut off.


attached is a very basic jpeg to illustrate the sound.


Thanks again for the help, and the book is amazing.


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