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Mountain Lion+Mainstage+Midi I/O Interface


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Hi, I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro, and it came this Mountain Lion. (I previously was using Lion on my older MacBook Pro).


I have 2 Midi Keyboards, One Harmonizer with a MIDI Input that responds to MIDI program Changes and one Midi USB Controller.


After installing Logic and Mainstage on my new MacBook, I loaded my Concerts, and my two Midi Keyboards and the harmonizer, all of them connected via standard MIDI I/O cables, in some patches, it doesn't send program changes, in some patched does wrong program changes and in some does. It has a very erractic behavior because even sometimes in patches that do the Program Change instruction, after messing around other patches, later on don't do the program change anymore. Very strange!


To find out what was going on, I connected one of my MIDI Keyboards via USB cable, and the problem is solved. So, the thing is, the Program Changes via MIDI I/O standard cables.


I have a MOTU Micro express USB, (MIDI Interface) to connect all my midi cables. To see if the issue was with the MIDI Interace, I also tried connected one Midi Keyboard with Midi I/O thru my AUDIO Interface Midi port (a MOTU UltraLitemk3), but the same PROGRAM CHANGE issue is present.


I go back to my Old MacBook (with Lion) without altering the Midi setup, and everything works fine again.


Have you any of you experienced a similar experience switching to Mountain Lion? Or maybe its a MOTU's drivers problem. I don't have a USB-MIDI I/O of another brand to test, so that's why I'm writing in this forum, to see if any of you have the same issue. Thank You for reading.

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Are the MOTU drivers 64-bit compatible?

Hi Eric! Thanks for your reply.


I assume that both drivers (Audio Interface and the one for my MIDI Interface) are 64-bit compatible. In fact, in the "Downloads section" at MOTU's Web Page, it says:


"This installer package (version 1.6.49190) installs updated Mac OS X drivers for all MOTU USB MIDI interfaces, including the USB FastLane, micro lite, MIDI express 128, micro express, MIDI Express XT, and MIDI Timepiece AV. Includes a completely rewritten, Intel-native version of ClockWorks for the MIDI Timepiece AV, MIDI Express XT, micro express and Digital Timepiece. Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later is recommended. Supports Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)."


I remember that "Lion" had some issues with 32-bit applications. In those days, I used "Kontakt 4", and when Lion was released, there was no Kontakt's version compatible with Lion, and I had to wait for about 2 months for Native Instruments to release Kontakt 5.


I'm waiting for MOTU's Support reply. I wrote them on Saturday. I hope that they would answer soon. I'm very worried about this issue.


Thank you again.

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To test if they actually have problem with the 64-bit kernel you could try the following.

Boot your old Mac Book with lion into 64-bit by holding down 6 and 4 wile booting.

See if you find the same anomaly now on your old Mac Book.


I did what you said, Eric.


I started up Lion, in 64-bit mode. Do you know if there's any "visual clue" to see if Lion's OS is really running in this "temp mode"?


Well, after starting up my old mac with Lion in 64.bit temp mode, I loaded my Concert in Mainstage 2, and all Program Changes where made correctly to my keyboards. So, it doesn't seems to be a 32/64 bit issue.


Thank You again.

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I have just received a reply today from MOTU's Support. They told me that other clients, have reported that it is an issue with the new MacBook Pro USB 3.0 ports. And, in my case, they happen to be right. If I plug a "USB Hub" between the MacBook USB 3.0 Port and the USB MIDI Interface, the "Program Changes" start working perfectly, as it did in my old MacBook.


I still don't know who has to solve the issue: Apple or MOTU.


Thank you for your time Eric!



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