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Volume fader smaller distance between values in lower parts


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First .. I don't mean this ..

Level meter scale

Exponential: Provides higher display resolution in the upper range.

Sectional dB-linear: Provides the best possible display resolution across the entire level range.

What I do mean is .. if you lower the volume fader you'll see a rising distance between the different values:

From 0.0 to -6.0 = 0.1

From -6.0 to -18.0 = 0.2

From -18.0 to -30.0 = 0.5

From -30.0 to -42.0 = 1.0

From -42.0 to -60.0 = 2.0

From -60.0 to -100 = 5.0

Is there an option to change this? Because it's anoying if you can't get the right amount of volume in the lower parts.

Yes I know, you can use the Gain utility but I want to keep the insert slots as clean as possible.

A lot of instruments already need several fx tweaks but to keep the display clear I'll try not to use more as necessary.

That's why it would be nice if I don't have to use the Gain utility all the time. :wink:


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The volume fader isn't really an accurate thing to use considering the fact that it's so small and you probably use the mouse. So why dont you try zooming in in automation mode and adjusting the volume there? Im no pro, but that's just the first thing that came to my mind!
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