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Round Robin playing in wrong order [SOLVED]


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I have 2 sets of Round Robins put into the exs24 and when I play one set of them from beginning to end it is messing with where the second series begins....


It's kind of like I finish a sentence and rather than starting my next sentence from the beginning it is starting halfway through.


I have messed with everything and can't figure out why. I am using it for a drumline show so getting the samples to play in correct order every time is important to me.


Let me know what I can post to help!


Thanks in advance....

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Hi Eric!


After talking with the gentleman who introduced me to logic and round robin I have figured out that round robin is intended to have the randomness in it.


He explained that if I had 3 round robins each with a different number of samples I will always a random result unless the groups have the same number of samples.


So my problem is solved. I will just create multiple EXS24 samplers and use smaller chains rather than try and cram a bunch into one sampler.



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