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soloing/muting subgroups doesn't affect track effect sends


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hi everyone!


i'm running into a very basic thing i cannot seem to get a solution for. i've googled it extensively but surprisingly with no luck on my part.


i would like to have the effect sends of all tracks in my subgroup to continue playing when i solo said subgroup in logic 9.


for example:


i route all my tracks to their respected subgroups (for easy stem-mixing)



i have a couple of reverbs that i use for 'glue' in the mix.


as soon as i solo the VOCALS group, all effect sends that the individual vocal tracks have are not being heard... . the only way for me to hear these sends is to solo the tracks manually one by one, making the whole idea of a subgroup that much less useable in my opinion


solo-safe is no option, because if i solo-safe the 'glue' effects, all the other intruments that are send through it will also start sounding, making things even worse. :)


it must be rudimentary, but i'm a bit lost here.

any thoughts?? thanks!


EDIT: the other way around i'm running into the same thing. i use an effect send on a vocal (reverb), and route the original vocal track to a subgroup. muting the subgroup i get the effected reverb sound only! this way i cannot easily mute groups, because their reverbs keep on playing :( ...



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I'm afraid that's just how Logic's audio signal routing and automatic muting/soloing works.


What you could do is group the channel strips using the group feature, and select "Solo" and "Mute" in the group settings, so that soloting/muting one of the channel strips in the group soloes/mutes the whole group.

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