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Song Form + Chords in Mainstage patches [SOLVED]


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I am crunched for time and in an attempt to help get my buddies songs in my head I figured it'd be nice if I could just throw down a little window to remind me of the overall form of the song and maybe a quick breakdown of chord changes for the verse/chorus/etc.. of the song.


Found this site - http://www.macprovideo.com/forum/audio/mainstage/25071#post_9


That post sort of made sense - I had to assign the Text Window to a mapping so I figure "Show Current Patch" is relavent and will knock 2 birds with one stone. I go back to the "attributes" tab in the inspector and click "replace parameter label" and enter a quick and dirty form. Is the only way to have multiple lines of information to have multiple Text Window's in my layout? Wish it would auto scale font...


How do you guys handle this?

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You have 2 basic methods available:


A) Create a Text "Screen Control" in Layout Mode. In Edit mode, select the Text box and type in your words/chords or other info. Select the next patch and repeat the process.

If you need to change the Font or it's size, select the text, then use the "Font" button in the Screen Control Inspector. You can also use the usual alignment "word processing" functions.


B) Create image files of say, a chord chart/score and import those into a "Background" screen control




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