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Trouble with Playback and MIDI sync


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Hi all.

My configuration 1st:


1. macmini + Lion 10.8.2 (and macbookpro 2011)

2. Mainstage 2.7.2 32 bit

3. AXIOM mark2 61


On the SET level we have mapped play button (E13) on AXIOM:



Then it mapped in set level as "play from start" fro PLayback. and "Action" -> "Play" (it need me for sync synthesizers):




But when we start playing - it just play few milliseconds and then stop!! This bug is not persistent but sometimes is start after 4 or 5 times pressing... I have asked this on Apple support, but no answers.. I'm sure i do something wrong... Or this is the bug ?


Thanks for possible help.


p.s. May be problem is in the NUMBER ?? E 13 ..... no ? :twisted:

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i take my words back about Apple support forum. Few minutes ago CCT answered me:


The basic issue here is that starting the Mainstage clock resets the audio engine, often resulting in glitches etc.

I would simply start the MS clock and leave it running, then trigger Playback from your controller as and when you need.


If you absolutely need MS clock to be completely in sync with Playback and any sync'd synths and fx, I would probably use two buttons (one starting MS Clock, the other Playbacks) and have the PB's set to play in sync with MS Clock (Bar), then start them 1 bar after I'd started MS Clock.




Looks like i need the some experiments.. Because i really need the hard sync between all tapes and synths internal LFO's and sequencers..

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