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Track naming & Routing in template


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I'm making an Orchestral template mostly consisting of Kontakt instances with multi-outs.

The thing i don't get is, i create a multi-timbral instrument to load Kontakt in.. then name the midi tracks in the arrange window resp.

But the Outputs r going to the Aux channels which have no connection to the midi track naming in the arrange window...

What way can i connect them together so that each midi track i have in my arrange window has its own channel strip setting & same name (as in midi track).

Also, let me know if there is any other efficient way to go about creating an orchestral template.

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Try reassigning the tracks by right-clicking (control-clicking) on the track header in the Arrange window.

Or alternately, from the Mixer window you could make the Aux channelstrips show as tracks in the Arrange window.

You would have to rename each of the channel strips.

Regarding orchestral templates, there are some available on this website. You could also probably something interesting on this board section. Hav you googled your search?

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Short answer: The only way to have your external MIDI tracks have the same names as your Aux channel strips is to give them the same name manually.


Long answer: You're not loading Kontakt in the multi-timbral instrument: you are using the multi-timbral instrument to route music to a software instrument channel strip where Kontakt is loaded. Semantics, but that makes a huge difference! The multi-timbral instrument, and the external MIDI tracks that are routed to it, have no idea where the MIDI data is routed to. They don't know if the data goes outside Logic, outside your Mac, or to a software instrument channel strip, and they certainly don't know what plug-ins are loaded onto that soft. inst. channel strip.


So the Auxes you create when using Kontakt multi-outs have no relation to the MIDI tracks you create in the Arrange area.


An external MIDI track doesn't have a "channel strip setting", so it can't have a channel strip setting name.

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