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64 bit kernel makes logic slow ?


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I use my mac pro 3.1 8core in 64 bit kernel mode. It has 8gb Ram. Snow Leopard installed. Logic 9.1.8.

I press the 4 and 6 keys when starting up to use my mac in 64 bit kernel. Also Logic is in 64 bit.


Sadly I notice that Logic is running slow and sometimes responds very late to mouse commands. ( working in matrix editor is almost impossible in bigger projects / start stop reacts very late )

When I use my macpro In 32bit kernel mode and Logic in 64 bit It runs smooth and fast........

But then I can not use my UAD plug ins in 64 bit....they need the mac in 64bit kernel mode.

Using the 32 bit audio bridge with 32 bit UAD plugs is not an ideal workflow.... :(


Anyone else having the same issue in 64 bit kernel ? Or any expert that knows more about this?


help and comments very much appreciated.

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Good question!!!


I have also been testing if I can run Logic with the kernel in 64-bit mode and it seems to work well. My system is more responsive when I start I 64-bit kernel mode and running Logic is no different. The reason for me to boot in 64 bit kernel mode is to see if my audio card will still work. So far no problems. I'm also curious what other snow leopard users do and why they boot in either kernel mode.

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Aside from the memory, I am curious about other users that are still on Snow Leopard and what their experiences are with the 64-bit kernel and Logic. I'm still on SL, because the drivers for my sound card are not supported beyond Lion and upgrading to Lion didn't seem a good idea at the time.
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