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Omnisphere causing CPU to spike


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I am running logic on a mac mini 2.3GHZ, i5 with 8GB ram. I have omnisphere installed but when i open it my CPU spikes right in to the red & it sometimes crashes logic. Is my mac spec not powerfull enough to handle omnisphere? are there any settings i can adjust to allow my mac to accommodate omnisphere more efficiently?


Also, if I have omnisphere running on numerous tracks, is this when I should be sending them all to the same Bus? Keeping in mind that each instance of omnisphere has different settings........I am under the impression that you only send to the same Bus if the settings are the same......



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To get a better idea of your systems performance observe the Activity Monitor, click on the CPU graph to show all cores.


From my experience Logic's cpu meter can be maxed, but the activity monitor doesn't show any spikes, you can try the rebalancing tactic by routing the output to a bus.



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