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track is playing way in advance.


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Im having a very frustrating problem.


I have just finished a mix, and i decided one adlib needed to be aligned with the lead, I turned on flex mode, and now the adlib track is playing in advance to where the waveform is. It is also significantly louder.


I turned off flex, same problem.


My delay compensation is set to all.


when i solo the adlib and the lead vocal, there is no problem... as soon as i un-solo them.. it starts again.


I am also sending the adlib track to an aux channel for "background vocals" when I assign it to the stereo out, the problem is solved...


what is going on!

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Have you checked that your adlib audio start at the beginning of the region? What about the anchor?

Have you used the Q-reference procedure?

Could you provide a screen capture of your Arrange window and adlib audo in the Sample Editor. Careful with the latter as it has destructive edition effect on your audio file.

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