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Mapping rotary knobs and faders on AKAI MPK49?


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Hi I am having the biggest headache in the world right now! I just bought Logic Pro 9 & I have been having trouble syncing up my Akai MPK49 to logic, I know the mpk doesn't come with with presets for logic & i went threw the trouble of downloading the pdf file in the akai website to set up for logic but my faders, rotary knobs are not working also my drum pads if anybody can sent me something on how to work with logic, a good tutorial i have no idea also how logic works. can so one please help me
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Hi. I've got an MPK49 running great with Logic 9 - athough not a complete solution, it's pretty good!


* Firstly, make sure it's connected up with the USB cable NOT the MIDI cable.


* Next, go to Logic / Setting / synch / General / Midi and check the box marked 'listen to MMC' - now the transport controls will work with Logic - amazing!


* Assigning the pads to your favourite drum-pler is easy - play the kick on the keyboard and note from the Logic transport display what note you are hitting (mine is C1). Now open the Vyzex software that came bundled with the MPK and hit the 'pads' button underneath the Akai logo. The pads will show up on the GUI. Choose the pad you want to assign the kick to and click and hold the letter/number - drag sideways to change the assignment to, for instance, C1. Repeat for all kit-pieces. You can change the way the pads respond (they are not the greatest pads in the world) by hitting GLOVAL on the Akai then arrowing to PAD SENS, press the rotary controller above the arrows to select and try out the different sens/curve/thresh options to suit you.


* You can disable after-touch under the MISC button if, like me, you find drawing unnecessary aftertouch data on every piece of midi I create infuriating!


* I sometimes use the controllers to enter automation data in Logic - you can assign this easily each time you need to - sometimes a fader will be the best way to draw the data, sometimes the rotary controller. Go to Logic/prefs/automation and hit learn - now slide a fader or turn a knob on the Akai and it'll learn it!


* To assign an Akai control to a button on a plug-in or instrument, click on the control you want to assign, hit cmd-L and tweak a fader or knob on the Akai.


* To assign an Akai fader to the Logic mixer volume faders, cmd-L after clicking the volume fader in Logic and slide an Akai fader - handy to ride the volume when tracking a vocalist or just to help you mix - but not a totally integrated solution as the fader in Logic will leap to the current position of the Akai fader when you select a new track and use the Akai fader. It also only works predictably on tracks that are also assigned to the arrange page - so no good for a typical bank of aux stems etc. This also works for pan.


I would love to be able to assign each of my eight aux stems to it's own fader on the Akai but cannot figure this out - otherwise, it's a real help in my day-to-day studio work...




ck1OOXEOY3Q (basic)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hc23EHEh (may have found my answer here!)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV2mH30p39k (interesting post about modifying the pads for greater sensitivity - a useful mod but a warranty-breaker!)

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